Welcome to the Idaho Supreme Court Data Repository. This website is available to the public to provide information on the status of trial court cases in the state of Idaho.

How far back do the records go?
***Electronic records are available from 1995 and forward, although some information for older cases may be available.

What case information is available to the public?
As of May 27, 2008 case information is available for examination from all 44 Idaho Counties.
This information will be displayed according to Idaho Court Administrative Rule (ICAR) 32.

The status of both pending and closed cases is available to the public. However, to ensure personal privacy, the following information is not provided to the public:

  • the first six characters of social security numbers
  • street addresses
  • telephone numbers
  • any personal identification numbers (including motor vehicle operator's license numbers and financial account numbers)

How often is this information updated?
Every effort will be made to update this website hourly to reflect changes made to the court record during the working day by trial court personnel.

Who do I contact with questions about specific case information that appears on the repository website?
If you have questions regarding case information, please contact the office of the Clerk of the District Court in the county where the case originated. Please click here for a local court directory.

Can I access confidential court records on the data repository?
Access to confidential court records is governed by ICAR 32. The Idaho Supreme Court may authorize access to confidential court records through the data repository. This type of access is referred to as 'extended access'. To apply for extended access, complete and submit the Authorization Request Form and User Agreement Form.

What are the new security protocols for authorizing extended access to the repository?
Effective September 15, 2012, the Idaho Supreme Court implemented new security protocols for authorizing extended access to the data repository. The changes do NOT affect general public searches for court records by name and/or case number nor do they affect access for county ISTARS database users.

>> Click here for all Q&A's regarding security changes.

If you previously had extended access to the data repository and are no longer able to log in, please complete and return the Authorization Request and User Agreement forms. Forms should be emailed to repositoryaccess@idcourts.net. Authorization Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.

If you have been issued a new username and password and are experiencing difficulty logging in, please e-mail repositoryaccess@idcourts.net or call 208-947-7560.

>> If you have unanswered questions, please review the Q&A's regarding changes. If your questions are not addressed in the Q&A, inquiries can be sent to repositoryaccess@idcourts.net.

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